Endurance V Race geometry.

” I bought an endurance bike because I ride endurance/sportives”.

Fine probably if you are female.But if you fall into the catagory of most males ie: Short legs Long torso. You could be in trouble before you even get on the bike. Very often and increasingly I am seeing more and more male clients in my studio and they arrive with the “endurance bike”
To be clear………endurance geometry is basically a tall but short bike with some kind of “magical idea” that sitting upright is in someway more “comfortabe” than distributing the weight across the bike.
So if you have short legs and a long back your bike is simply going to cause you to crunch up your back in some manner in order to fit into a space that is to short. And some of these bikes are so short that even with a 140mm stem they are still to short.
“but i can push the saddle back to compensate” I am not even going to begin to explain the problems this is most likely to cause. But in almost every situation I see on these bikes upper shoulder and neck pain is the most common.
And finally………endurance geometry is basically the same as ladies geometry…and just so its clear, Women usually have long legs and short torso.
So educate yourself before you spend thousands on your new bike.

Uncomfortable saddles……..

Saddles can be discussed in various ways.

A. Sometimes cyclists are convinced that their saddle is fine as they find it “comfortable”. The thing about saddles is that as humans we will sit whichever way we have to in order to feel comfortable. A common failure I come across is the rider who sits very poorly to accommodate the saddle. When shown and asked to sit with some kind of healthy correct posture the “comfortable” saddle will all of a sudden become ” uncomfortable”. A comfortable saddle is such that the cyclists posture is correct and the saddle does not demand incorrect positioning of the cyclists pelvis in order to feel satisfactory.

B. In order for the saddle to be judged fairly, it is important that the cyclist is positioned to allow fair weight distribution across the bike.If your position is poor then you may end up searching forever to find the perfect saddle.A bicycle saddle is just part of several points on the bike designed to take weight. Getting that balance is the first step to finding the saddle that works for you.

I like Selle Smp saddles. The design is perfect. The SMP demands correct positioning. A good saddle with a good bike fit is the ultimate way to find comfort where you really need it.I stock the pro range of SMP which are suitable for sportive,leisure or racing.

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