The Muve is an Adjustable Fit Bike.  It’s not an piece of exercise equipment, its a tool used by Retul Bike Fitters.

Doesn’t explain much does it?  Let me dive in a little deeper here with a scenario.

Lets say you want buy a new bike, but you don’t know what size of bike to get, or even what brand or model to buy.  Using the Muve, I can adjust the bike to what I think looks close to what you need.  I can then hook you up to the motion tracker and capture your optimum cycling position.  With this information I can adjust all facets of the bike while you are actually riding, once you are dialed in to the best possible position. I can “Zin” the bike, which will report all the measurements required to build a custom frame, or use that data to find an “off the shelf” model that is the closest fit to you possible.

The Muve will mimic different bikes, Mountain Bikes, TT Bikes, Road Bikes etc etc.  It is a system that caters for all persuasions of biking and athletes alike.  In Bike Fitting terminology having a Fit done with the Muve is often referred to as a “Pre fit”.