John O'shea

I decided to race again after several years off the bike. Over the last five years Shane has fitted and tuned me several times. His experience of fitting and cycling is vast. I am 48 years old and currently competing as A2, without shanefoleybikefit I could never have achieved the best from myself. If you want the best go and see Shane it simply isn’t possible to get anyone better.

Paul Woods

I wanted to purchase a new frame but I was confused by all the different sizes. There didn’t seem to be any consistent measurement between manufacturers that I could understand. Shane fitted me on his Retul Muve and then explained the importance of stack and reach measurements. I still don’t fully understand all the geometry Shane explained but needless to say Shane was able to help me select my preferred brand in the best possible size for me. Shane was even able to tell me which stem I would need and how many spacers would be required under the stem so I knew exactly what my new bike build would look like on completion. If you are looking to purchase and are confused by sizing…….Shane is the man to see.

Philip Ellis

Last season I raced my first full distance Ironman and I am registered to do the same again in 2016. Part of the Ironman event is a 180km cycle so it is crucial that my TT bike fits me well.

I have gone for visual fittings (2) in the last two years and Shanes Retul fit was my first using a ‘dynamic’ approach. The first thing that struck me when I met with Shane was his immediate knowledge about fitting and cycling and his eagerness to share that with me. I have been to fitters in the past who never seemed confident and organised in their approach and I always felt like ‘just another job’. Along with that was the set-up that comes with Retul, its sleek and professional looking. Looking the part and delivering are two different things but my fit with Shane delivered easily. It was obvious that Shane understood fitting as he also explained what I needed to do on the bike to optimise my new position. Seeing my metrics appear on screen as I pedalled and watching my corrections go from Red to Green was immediately satisfying and left me feeling confident on the saddle. Previous fits always felt to me like my fitter was stabbing in the dark and going by their own ‘opinion’. Shanes Retul system is clinical and removes all guesswork, the Retul information feedback during my fit gave me a feeling of involvement. Shane also recorded all my fit data including my new bike coordinates with unbelievable accuracy using his Retul Zin software.  Since being fitted on my road bike and new Cannondale Slice RS for the upcoming season, I have noticed a huge strain in my back disappear. All that’s left now is to cut down my times. I recommend Retul 100% and will be going back to Shane as my flexibility improves.

Damien Coyle

“Quite simply, when Shane speaks….you listen. The guy is a encyclopaedic treasure trove of information. It is hugely important that when going for a bike fit that you forget about what you think you know and take on board what Shane advises and tells you.
I found the whole bike fit experience hugely rewarding and learnt a lot of things that I did not know. I would highly recommend the Shane Foley Bike Fit to anyone considering getting a professional bike fit.
The proof is indeed really in the pudding and I have seen significant improvements in my posture, all the little niggles and pain have disappeared, my love for cycling has increased exponentially and more importantly my Strava times are falling. I’ll be King Of The Mountains in no time :).