Uncomfortable saddles……..

Saddles can be discussed in various ways.

A. Sometimes cyclists are convinced that their saddle is fine as they find it “comfortable”. The thing about saddles is that as humans we will sit whichever way we have to in order to feel comfortable. A common failure I come across is the rider who sits very poorly to accommodate the saddle. When shown and asked to sit with some kind of healthy correct posture the “comfortable” saddle will all of a sudden become ” uncomfortable”. A comfortable saddle is such that the cyclists posture is correct and the saddle does not demand incorrect positioning of the cyclists pelvis in order to feel satisfactory.

B. In order for the saddle to be judged fairly, it is important that the cyclist is positioned to allow fair weight distribution across the bike.If your position is poor then you may end up searching forever to find the perfect saddle.A bicycle saddle is just part of several points on the bike designed to take weight. Getting that balance is the first step to finding the saddle that works for you.

I like Selle Smp saddles. The design is perfect. The SMP demands correct positioning. A good saddle with a good bike fit is the ultimate way to find comfort where you really need it.I stock the pro range of SMP which are suitable for sportive,leisure or racing.

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